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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy for Information Disclosure

The Company discloses information based on the rules for timely disclosure of company information as stipulated by laws and regulations, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Securities Listing Regulations (hereinafter collectively the "timely disclosure rules").
The Company also has a policy to disclose, in an appropriate method and in a fair and proactive manner, information that does not fall under the disclosure standards specified in the timely disclosure rules but that we consider would help investors have a better understanding of the Company.

Method of Information Disclosure

Information that falls under the disclosure standards specified in the timely disclosure rules is disclosed through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's TDnet (Timely Information Disclosure System) and on the Company's Web site immediately thereafter.
Other information is also disclosed by posting it on the Company's Web site or other means.

Disclosure of Information on Future Outlook

The Company's statements regarding performance forecasts, future outlook, strategies, goals, etc., are future-looking statements, unless they are historical facts, and are based on the plans, expectations and judgments based on certain assumptions considered reasonable and/or information available to the Company at the moment. Actual results may differ considerably due to various risks and uncertain factors.

Silent Period

To prevent any leakage of financial information and ensure impartiality in information disclosure, the Company has in place a silent period from the day after the end of each quarter to the announcement of financial results for the relevant quarter. During this period, we refrain from making responses to any questions concerning financial and performance forecasts. However, in the event that it is discovered during this silent period that actual business results are expected to vary considerably from those originally estimated, such information will be disclosed as appropriate according to the timely disclosure rules.