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Chemisnow functional fine particles

機能性微粒子 ケミスノーR

Soken’s Chemisnow functional fine particles were developed using our exclusive polymerization techniques.
Chemisnow is based on methyl methacrylate, styrene and their copolymers, and provides a variety of properties by controlling the degree of crosslinking level.
Adding or mixing your base materials to/with Chemisnow offers new properties, thus expanding the scope of application.

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The properties of Chemisnow can be exploited in a wide range of applications including light diffusion agents for LCDs, matting agents for paint, and additives for toner.

LCD Paint Toner
Cosmetics Film (antiblocking agent) FRP SMC・BMC Macroporous material fabrication (Pore forming Agent)

The applications of Chemisnow shown on our site do not ensure noninfringement of all patent rights.

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Series of functional fine particles

Series Photo Base Degree of
Particle size
Average particle
MX MX Acrylic Standard to High Narrow 0.8~30
MZ MZ Acrylic Ultra high Middle 5~30
MR MR Acrylic Standard to High Wide 1~10
KMR KMR Acrylic Ultra high Wide 3
KSR KSR Styrene Standard Wide 3
MP MP Acrylic None Narrow 0.15~0.4
SX SX Styrene Standard Narrow 1.3~5.0
SGP SGP Styrene Low to Standard Wide 20, 55

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Acrylic fine particles

Narrow-dispersion (MX) Middle-dispersion (MZ) Submicron (MP)

Wide-dispersion (MR) Heat resistant particles (KMR)

Styrene fine particles

Narrow-dispersion (SX) Wide-dispersion (SGP)

Heat resistant (KSR)


LCD light diffusion agent Paint Toner Antiblocking agent

Cosmetics FRP (fiber reinforced plastics)


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