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Company History

2001- 1948-2000
1948 Sogo Kako Laboratories, Ltd., established.
Satoshi Nakajima assumed office to president.
Sogo Kako Laboratories, Ltd., established.
1952 Patent application of SK-OIL,manufacture and sale.
1953 Company's name changed to Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.
1958 Won commissioner of the Japan patent office awards and tokyo metropolitan governor prize for the invention of Heating media.
Won the Okochi memorial technology Awards for the invention and application technology of Heating media.
1960 Won the Japan invention awards for the invention of Castor oil.
1963 Opend a Sayama office in Saitama.Sayama office
1965 Began sales of SK-DYNE, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives.
1967 Launched the SK Coil Pack series of hot oil heaters.
1983 Began sales of two H.T.F., Neo SK-OIL 1300 and Neo SK-OIL 1400.
1984 Began sales of fine powders and comb graft polymers.
1989 Won The SCEJ awards for the invention of highe cost performance and large high performance liquid chromatography.
1991 Satoshi Nakajima has expired, Moto Nakajima assume the president
Capital was increased to 247 million yen.
1992 Capital was increased to 447 million yen.
Opend a Hamaoka office in Shizuoka.
Hamaoka office
1994 Established Ningbo Soken Chemical Co., Ltd. in Ningbo city, China.
1997 Established Soken Tecnix Co., Ltd.
1998 Constructed the most sophisticated pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing plant in Hamaoka Factory.
1999 Won The SCEJ awards for the invention of Hi-F Mixer for a wide range of viscosities.
Sayama Factory was appointed to "Sai-no-Kuni Factory" (Factory making an effort to preserve environment).
2001 Established Hamaoka Soken Co., Ltd.
Stock listing on Jasdaq Market.
Capital was increased to 590 million yen.
2002 Established Suzhou Soken Chemical Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, Jingsu Province, China.
2004 Capital was increased to 1,359 million yen.
Established Sayama Soken Co., Ltd.
Transferred Plant & System business to Soken Tecnix Co., Ltd.
2006 Capital was increased to 3,361 million yen.
2008 Moto Nakajima has expired, Minoru Ooka assume the president.
Established Soken Chemical Asia, Inc. in Thailand.
2011 Won the Minister of economy, trade and industry awards at the Intellectual property achievement awards 2011 for excellent enterprises active in the intellectual property rights system.
Established Soken High-tech Material (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. In Nanjing Province, China.
2012 Minoru Ooka has expired, Noriyuki Osaka assume the president
2014 To form Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd., was merged absorb the Hamaoka Soken Co., Ltd. and Sayama Soken Co., Ltd.
2015 Won The SCEJ awards for Practical use of the twisting ball for electronic paper.
2020 Noriyuku Osaka has expired, Junichiro Fukuda assume the president.