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Performance Materials (Functional Materials)

Our electronic material binder is all about high functionality of acrylic polymer


PHORETis a functional acrylic polymer that was developed based on our original synthesis technology to fit transparency need, attach functionality and composition with other materials.
In addition to our existing products, we also provide customized acrylic polymer products in response to customers' requests by working on designing, development and production of materials and manufacturing systems.

Functions provided by PHORET

Applications of PHORET

PHORET has a wide range of applications for coating, resist blending, conductive paste, and electronic and optical materials. In particular, the ZAH line of products provides excellent developability of an alkali-soluble material, allowing the optimum combination of molecular weight and acid value to fit a resist binder for photolithography. We also make proposals for applications as a functional coating binder for electronic and other advanced materials by keeping the edge of primary transparency and adhesion to materials, high refractive index and yellowing resistance.

Grades (product names) of PHORET

PHORET is available in a wide range of products for applications such as electronic and display materials.

Solvent type Non-volatile
(mPa・s 25℃)
Amount of
functional group
Function Application
ZAH-310 PMA 34 to 36 1300 to 2000 AV=93 to 99 Dispersibility
Alkali solubility
Color filter

Pigment agent
ZAH-106 PMA 34 to 36 50 to 150 AV=61 to 67
ZAH-110 PMA 34 to 36 100 to 400 AV=93 to 99
ZAH-115 PMA 34 to 36 1500 to 3000 AV=140 to 150
Notes *1: PMA: Propylene glycol methyl acetate
   *2: Unit of OHV and AV in amount of functional group: mgKOH/g
※The above data is provided for reference only, and is subject to change without notice.

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