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Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive sheets
Substrate-free “STC-2000 Series”

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive sheets Substrate-free “STC-2000 Series”

The thermally conductive double-sided, substrate-free “STC Series” adhesive sheets have been used for fixing LED light bars in LCD backlight units, heat sinks, LED circuit boards and others. Due to the sheet’s high adhesive strength, LED light bars and heat sinks can simply be pressed into place.


①Excellent thermal conductivity
Due to its adhesive sheet construction, the product firmly attaches to heat sources and heat sinks to ensure a high level of thermal conductivity

②Flame resistant: UL94, V-0(File № E326779)
The sheet is highly resistant to flames and is certified as having met the UL94 standards.

③Strong adhesion just by pressing for ease of operation
The sheet, flexible, thick and double-sided, easily adheres, even to rough and/or curved surfaces.

④Siloxane-free (acrylic material)
The sheet does not contain siloxane, a cause of poor contact.

Product range

Part number STC-2125S STC-2250S STC-2400S
Thickness mm 0.125 0.25 0.4
Color White
Adhesive strength *1 N/cm 4.5 5.4 6.1
Holding power *2 mm 0.3 0.5 0.5
Thermal conductivity *3 W/m・K 0.85 0.85 0.85
Thermal resistance *4 ℃・c㎡/W 1.5 2.9 4.7
Inflammability (UL94) *5 V-0 V-0 V-0
Dielectric strength *6 AC kV 1.3 3.0 4.8
DC kV 2.0 4.0 7.0
The sheet comes in a 30-m-long strip with a maximum width of 1000 mm. Other widths are also available. Please contact us for details.
Measuring conditions:
The adhesive strength was measured using a test piece affixed to 50-um-thick aluminum foil and a piece of SUS stainless steel. The test piece was attached to the piece of SUS and was left in position for 20 minutes under ambient conditions of 23°C/65%RH. The adhesive strength was then measured by pulling the test piece at 90° at a velocity of 300 mm/min.
The holding power was measured using a piece of SUS and a test piece of 25x25 mm affixed to 200-um-thick aluminum foil. The test piece was attached to the piece of SUS and was left in position for 20 minutes at an ambient temperature of 80°C. A 1-kg weight was then attached to the test piece and was left in position for one hour before the test piece was checked for displacement.
Thermal conductivity meter QTM-500 (Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
The thermal resistance was calculated based on the measured thermal conductivity and the thickness of the tape.
UL94: File No. E326779
The test piece was measured for voltage that could be applied without conduction for one minute.
The values in the table above are representative of those typically obtained in Soken tests and can vary in actual applications.




・To fix LED light bars
・To fix heat sinks on electrical parts
・To fix LED circuit boards

LED light bar (image)
LED light bar (image)
For fixing heat sinks
For fixing heat sinks
Substrate-included “STC-6000 Series”

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